Coquillete Paris: an olfactory ‘convivium’


Rosa Vaia and Elise Juarros are the founders of Coquillete Paris, the maison that since 2012 has carved out an important niche in the market of artistic perfume. Blending the bright colors of Italy with the serene elegance of France, Rosa and Elise have known how to squeeze their art of composition into the precious juices that represent a fragrant coexistence of different worlds, faraway places, and time, past and present. Their constant striving for excellence and innovation has recently led them to create an exclusive line that they will present to the visitors at Smell Festival on Sunday May 28 during an event entitled “Olfactory Convivium“. In anticipation of the event, Rosa and Elise told us a bit about their multifaceted perfumed universe and revealed the idea behind the new collection.

Your Italian-French niche brand, Coquillete Paris was founded in Paris in 2012 and you come from two very different cities: Rosa from Naples and Elise from Paris. Where can we find the common roots that have created this cross-cultural collaboration?
Elise: Our common roots are the passion for fragrances and our friendship, which began when we were working for the same company on teams where we reached our first joint results. We firmly believe in the diversity and richness of the female universe, and we want to describe this in our work.

Tell us about your maniacal research for the high-quality raw materials that your fragrances are made from and the exclusiveness of the packaging that cradles them.
Rosa: Maniacal is perhaps a bit much. More than anything, it is the awareness of working in a market that requires diversity. Diversity of composition, of raw materials, and in distribution. Above all, we try to be constant in our choice of style – in fact the packaging meets the technical requirement of conserving the fragrance from sunlight and heat – and our olfactive choices, as well as in the distribution. Our public knows us well. They continue to follow us and to put us in the position we want to be. So, overall, the pieces of the puzzle in time are creating a mosaic that could lead to something beautiful!

Coquillete Paris’s first six creations tell the story of a voyage that unites memories of real locations with emotional ones. How much is Rosa and how much is Elisa in these olfactory memories you have transformed into fragrances?
Elise: Coquillete Paris is a blend of secrets, even to us. In addition to inspirations, each perfume embodies anecdotes related to our daily lives, our work. It is a little like the myth that coffee made in Naples is better than that made anywhere else. There is no rule. Our instinctive manner of choosing, blending, and completing a fragrance appears to work.

Innovation and uniqueness, your passwords which have become reality in the Coquillete N°7 collection, consisting of perfumes custom created for a few select shops. Can you describe the idea that lies at the foundation of this olfactory revolution?
Rosa: Over time we have learned that one of our strongest points is that we produce our fragrances directly, and that very often our clients did not know about this aspect of our work. They started pushing us, sending us requests, giving us wish lists for our seventh fragrance. This is what gave us the crazy idea to dedicate Collection N°7 to our partners, where we made their stories, their desires, their intuitions come to life. In the end, we are born to satisfy others wishes, so this collection pays homage to those who believed in us using the language we know best: perfume!