Smell Festival 2016

Georges Bousquet Casajordi

The seventh edition of Smell Festival will take place in Bologna from May 18th to 22nd. This year’s theme, “Magiae Naturalis”, is inspired by a book by Giovanni Battista Della Porta, the famous Neapolitan humanist, alchemist and scientist who gave an outstanding contribution to the spreading of distillation and perfumery techniques during the late Renaissance. His contemporaneous Giovanni Demisiani wrote about his work: “Apelles was able to reproduce the color of flowers, but in his paintings the green bush doesn’t scent. Giovanni Battista paints with scents, shaping with his noble work all that art can’t seize”.
In this year’s edition, the Festival together with its guests and public will make up an an imaginary scented painting infused by the love of nature, scientific curiosity and poetry.