Michele Bianchi crowned the winner of OSA! Outsider Scents Awards 2017


Michele Bianchi has been crowned the winner of OSA! Outsider Scents Award 2017 for his fragrance “Humus”. The exciting award ceremony took place in Bologna on Sunday May 28, in the context of the eighth edition of Smell Festival at the Museo internazionale e biblioteca della musica.

The Jury’s motivation is:

The composition is fully pertinent to the “roots” theme and has greatly appreciated the concept connecting the creator’s childhood memories to the earthy aroma from the sugarbeet fields in Puglia for a bright composition with a sharp and hyperrealistic cut that places it close to the great contemporary ambery-woods rich with contrasts across atmospheric, mineral and edible suggestion. In particular Michele Bianchi stands out for a meticulous choice of the olfactory palette featuring oud, rhum, geosmine and patchouli roots oil, balancing so at best tradition and innovation, nature and synthesis to tinge Humus with an ancestral yet contemporary sensuality.

Michele lives and works in Moscow, where he teaches Italian.
In addition to the first prize, a special mention has been assigned by Adjiumi, the main Italian community of fragrance lovers, to another finalist: Marco Ceravolo awarded for his fragrance “Memorhyza“.

The motivation is:

Compact composition, rich, and multifaceted. It leads you through art, like a mix between one of Gilardi’s Nature-Carpets with Arcimboldo’s Spring/Summer. Earthy, true to the topic proposed for Smell 2017 and relevant to his short story. It is a fascinating wild path using exquisite raw materials.

Marco Ceravolo is also the runner-up of the competition, followed by Tanja Bochnig (“Pink Wood, Pink W(oud)”), Léa Hiram (“Light’in the Roots”) and Valeria Sargu (“Racines Danseuses”).