OSA! Outsider Scents Award


Promoted by: Smell – Festival dell’Olfatto
In collaboration with: La Gardenia nell’Occhiello

OSA! – Outsider Scents Award is a competition that rewards the best unreleased handcrafted fragrances. The award intends to encourage the experimental use of the language of perfume, acknowledging the role of handcrafting, self-production, and the work of those who feel they are outsiders to the composition of perfume, in stimulating an ever more popular olfactory expertise, innovation and future creative excellence.

The acronym for the Outsider Scents Award is “OSA”, which means “dare” in Italian. It is a call to overcome industry fences in the production of perfume, making room for the outsiders, often with skills that are synergic with the values and ideas in the market. It is a stimulus to dare to create perfume compositions regardless of the intrinsic limits related to the use of perfume as an expressive language, acknowledging the known problem of access to training and the tools of the craft. It is an invitation to dare to create a fertile context for comparison and exchange as much for aspiring perfumers as for operators.

OSA! – Outsider Scents Award offers a topic that must inspire the submissions. Proposals sent in will be judged independently by jury from outside of the promoter’s organization, made up of industry experts whose names will be announced at the time of the assignment of the award.

The prize ceremony will be held during Smell – Festival dell’Olfatto.