Smell Festival 2015


Explore the olfactory dimension of movement, related to the body, space, and action on stage: From May 20 to 24, Bologna once again hosts Smell Festival, the cultural event dedicated to the sense of smell and the world of perfume. It is a unique Festival distinguished by an elegant fusion of art, culture and sensorial expression.
Promoted by the Orablu cultural association, the Festival is held with the support by the Emilia-Romagna Region the patronage of Città di Bologna in collaboration with Bologna Città Metropolitana and Istituzione Bologna Musei who hosts events at the MAMbo – Museo d Arte Moderna di Bologna and the Museo internazionale e biblioteca della musica.

PERFORMING SCENTS is the theme chosen by the curator, Francesca Faruolo, for this sixth edition: a path for the exploration of the relationship between the olfactory dimension and performing arts, a new frontier in the vocation to research that characterizes the Festival since its very beginnings. “Odors and perfumes will act as catalysts,”  says Francesca Faruolo, “becoming the active, participating media that involves the audience as well as the actors, performers, artists and perfumers.