Smell Festival 2017

Georges Bousquet - Casajordi

What remains, if anything remains, when we take away everything but the truth from ineffable perfumes? What remains, if anything remains, when we seek logic in our play of smells? What remains, if anything remains, when we subtract things one by one to reach the origin, to the first desire to inhale pleasure?
The foundations remain, roots that hold us still yet let us move. These extensions sink in, dig deep, and penetrate. Anyone familiar with smells knows how to disappear from vision. To nose out new sources with the sense of the impossible. Those who are familiar with smells have strong roots: The underground principle of development and nutrition for each and every thing.

The Eighth edition of Smell Festival will take place in Bologna from May 24 to 28, 2017. The theme chosen for this year is ROOTS. Information and the program will be published on this site over the next few months. To get constant updates, you can register for our Newsletter or follow us on Facebook.